How do I order?

Please visit the order form here

How long do your cookies stay fresh?

Cookies are fresh up to two weeks from the time they are baked if they are stored in an air-tight container or in heat-sealed packaging. There is the option to heat-seal cookies in FDA safe plastic to preserve freshness if they will not be consumed at the time of purchase. Please mention that at the time of your order request.

Once you receive your cookie order, keep cookies in a cool, dry place and don’t refrigerate or freeze until after your event.

Cookies can also be frozen to preserve freshness for up to two months. However some design detail may be compromised with the thawing process. The taste will still be great.

What’s your pricing?

Because all orders are custom, there is not a one price fits all model.

Basic designs start at $48 a dozen. These are low detail, minimal color and one design. More detailed designs and custom sets start at $66 a dozen. Pricing can increase based on intricacy of the designs, number of colors used and style elements like gold or silver, lettering or custom characters and intricate logos. Additional custom packaging aside from standard heat-sealing may also increase price.

Every cookie is hand-made and designed and takes a lot of care to make. At this time, I am a one-person business, so a lot of care and time is put into every order from baking to prepping colors to decorating and packaging and handling.

How do I pay for my cookies?

You’ll receive an electronic invoice once your order has been confirmed. Pay via credit card through the online invoice. For online shop purchases, you pay directly through the Shop form.

Are there design limitations?

I rarely do logo cookies or character cookies (due to copyright issues). Plus, there are other fun ways to express your business or theme! Let’s brainstorm!

Do you have a gallery of work?

Check out my Instagram @xobakes for inspiration.

How do your cookies come packaged?

If they are going to be consumed soon, they are packaged in a window box. If they are traveling, I heat-seal each cookie to maximize freshness. Most of my boxes are purchased through BRP Box Shop and packaging is *almost as important as the design of the cookie to me. :)

Do you ship?

At this time, I do not offer shipment. Preference goes to orders in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. For an added fee, I’m happy to deliver cookies within San Francisco or set an appointment for you to pick up your cookies in Bernal Heights or the Mission.

How much lead time do you need?

The more lead time, the better, especially during holiday seasons! Generally three weeks is recommended. Feel free to send me a request even if there’s not enough lead time; I will try my best to accommodate you if I can!

Do you have a minimum size order?

No, but I generally have a minimum price of $25. For example, this might be a custom, small cookie box set of 3-4 custom cookies.

Do you make gluten free cookies?

Yes, I can make gluten free cookies at an additional price of $1 extra per cookie. However, they are not made in a certified gluten free facility.

What kind of cookies do you make? 

Sugar cookies (regular and gluten free). At this time, I don’t offer vegan cookies or special customizations with recipes. However, I’m always curious about what my customers want so please reach out.

Do you teach classes?

Yes! Check out my group experience page here. If you have the space and are in San Francisco, I’m happy to come to you. This does require significant lead time (preferred at minimum one month). I can arrange a custom class for you and your colleagues or friends.

Pricing is determined by number of students (up to 10), location and complexity of prep. I can modify the class based on the audience. For example, I am happy to teach classes to kids, ages 6 and up if accompanied by a parent.

General class structure includes learning the basics of how to make royal icing, different consistencies of royal icing, necessary tools to get started, design demo and decorating cookies based on determined theme. Everyone will walk away with cookies to go and a recipe and supply list.

Contact me to inquire about additional details such as space requirements.

Do you deliver?

Based on availability, I’m happy to deliver within San Francisco at $20 for Bernal Heights, Mission, Potrero, Nob Hill and parts of SOMA. $25 for additional neighborhoods.

You can also make an appointment to pick up cookies in the Mission or Bernal Heights.. I do not have a storefront at this time.

Can you remake a design that I like?

I prefer to not recreate art work or others’ designs due to copyright infringements and respect for the artist(s). However, I’d love to come up with some fresh design ideas just for you! There is some flexibility there, but just say’n...

Any other questions?

Contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!